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Dear America
From Patriotism to Participation

Although much is subject to change during production, here is the basic outline of the film:

Formatted like a book, it will have a moving foreword by a well-known persona followed by a few quotations from various others.

The subsequent chapters will chronicle the birth and history of law and democracy in the world, with commentary by renowned historians and social commentators, touching on all of the key events in history.

Next, we’ll look at the struggle for universal suffrage in America, with more interviews with the experts on the subject.

After that, it will move on to explore the democratic advancements of countries other than America; Switzerland, the Republic of the Philippines, Uruguay, and others, to include interviews with Swiss citizens about their system of government and their impressions of it.

Then we’ll explore the common arguments we all hear about direct democracy and address the criticisms and misconceptions one by one, hopefully debunking some myths in the process.

The next chapter will be interviews with some of the most well-known political personalities of today on the topic of the brokenness of the American system. Our list of hopefuls is one that’s sure to wow.

And the last two chapters are on the National Initiative in particular, with explanations of what the amendment and legislation will and will not do, along with why it’s better than the initiative processes of today. That is, particular emphasis will be given to new methods of public consultation dramatized by Oregon’s new citizen juries and deliberative polls. The final chapter will summarize everything and highlight the relevance of the NI4D in history.

We hope this film will take the NI4D to the next level. We hope you’ll give us your full support.

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